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Terre Vivante pour Toujours” “AliveEarthforEver”

“It is by maintaining repeated intentions to go towards more harmonious perfections useful for the planet, that we discover ourselves guided to be and to do it!”

by “Jack (each) Teste-Sert”



>>> The SOLAR ENERGY supplied to the EARTH is 10000 times greater than all the energies consumed by the whole humanity!

>>> So, it is THE VEGETABLE COVERAGE and the WATER RETENTION of everywhere on too dry continents which are PRIORITY …, understanding that:

– Dry air is a global hazard because it dries all vegetation quickly from 25 ° C and expands, always occupying more space (+ 6.8% between 20 ° C and 40 ° C).

– The lands and bare stones are a real oven (style of cement works …) by the heat they store and reverberate!
– To absorb excess CO2, any continental surface (including deserts!) Must be covered with horizontal agroforestry that holds water from all sides!
Locally, the weather conditions are very dependent
the precise configuration of the wooded landscapes
and maximum holds of storm water!





*** We know, by satellite surveys, that the available land (excluding current agricultural land), would allow the planting of 1000 BILLION additional trees which would then absorb 50% of excess atmospheric CO2 !!! ***

Why not plant them in terraces with raised slopes making the spongy and living soils capable of absorbing half of excess CO2, via these LANDSCAPE micro-climates retaining water without risk !!!):

https://trustmyscience.com/un-milliard- de-billion-tree-to-fight-climate-change /

Example of these necessary landscapes  correction (tested 25 years without local extreme heat) :

Las tierras muy correctamente disponen por un clima sin calor y durable


by pickup with electric winch pulling two plowshares


Tesla Cybertruck

Sort of Clean Electric excavator for these works  : https://www.wackerneuson.fr/fr/secteurs-solutions/solutions-innovantes/ez17e-et-ez26e/




Erosion would be of human origin for 4000 years !


For example, in California, faced with a growing lack of water, why upstream, the ranchers of the Sierra do not hurry to plant trees and on the slopes of the surrounding mountains to make narrow terraces with raised slopes to find a more humid climate?

Where does the city of Los Angeles or San Francisco (the free step) sting all their water, make the effort to help them for its important changes and necessary of too dry landscapes in the summer?

The madness of believing that we must “copy” the “traditional” mistakes of the past, while Nature herself, in continual evolutionary adaptation!
In the same way around dwellings drowned in forests too dry (no oak with deep roots) closer to the coast, then quickly to forest fires repeated!

Nowadays ocean pollution is the first cause of current global warming apart from greenhouse gases …!

But in distant past, the glaciations were caused by a massive reduction of atmospheric CO2 by exposing calcareous rocks – Ca CO3 (absorbing CO2) in plate tectonics …> https://sciencepost.fr/2019 / 03 / us-could-finally-know-what-triggers-the-eres-gl



Despite the efforts of governments and organizations to fight deforestation, it is gaining ground every year at a rapid pace. Forests are not only important for their role as “global lungs” but also because they are home to many unique and fragile ecosystems. According to a new large-scale study, the first of its kind, industrial agriculture is the major cause of this alarming deforestation.

This analysis of deforestation – the first to study not only the areas where forests are disappearing but also the reasons for this disappearance – reveals the extent of the contribution of industrial agriculture to the phenomenon.

The results, published in the journal Science, show that about 5 million hectares – the surface of Costa Rica – disappear every year. And despite corporate commitments to reduce deforestation, the number of forests cleared to harvest palm oil (and other elements of industrial interest) remained constant between 2001 and 2015.

This discovery “is a real problem,” according to tropical ecologist Daniel Nepstad, director of the Earth Innovation Institute, an environmental NGO based in San Francisco. Indeed, these data clearly show that business commitments alone do not provide effective protection for forests against the expansion of agriculture.

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Climate change makes trees taller but weaker

Scientists had already mapped globally the disappearances of forests and the resumption of forest growth. In 2013, a team led by Matthew Hansen, remote sensing expert at the University of Maryland, USA, released high-resolution maps of forest change between 2000 and 2012 using satellite imagery. But these maps did not reveal areas of deforestation (the permanent disappearance of forests).

google earth causes deforestation

Some examples of Google Earth images used by Philip Curtis to train his algorithm. Several causes of deforestation are illustrated: industrial agriculture, subsistence agriculture, forestry, fire and urbanization. Credits: Philip G. Curtis & al.

For this new study, Philip Curtis, a geospatial analyst working with The Sustainability Consortium, an Arkansas-based NGO in the United States, used a computer algorithm to recognize five causes of deforestation from satellite imagery: fires, logging, large-scale agriculture, small-scale agriculture and urbanization.

In order for the algorithm to learn, Curtis spent several weeks observing Google Earth images showing deforestation from known causes. It was one of the most painful parts of my job, ” he says. Especially concerning Southeast Asia. The amplitude of the disappearance was overwhelming “.

The software’s decisions were based on the mathematical properties of the images, allowing, for example, to distinguish the larger forms of industrial agriculture from the smaller and more irregular fields of subsistence agriculture.

The data showed that 27% of total deforestation between 2001 and 2015 was due to industrial agriculture and mass rearing. Including mainly palm oil palm plantations. Forests cleared for these plantations disappear forever, while in subsistence agriculture cleared forests grow back.

map areas causes deforestation

Map of areas and causes of deforestation for the period 2001-2015. Areas with darker colors indicate larger forest disappearances. Credits: Philip G. Curtis & al.

Deforestation due to mass agriculture remained stable between 2001 and 2015, however, depending on the regions studied. In Brazil, large tracts of Amazon rainforest have been cleared for livestock farms or soybean farms. The positive point is that in this area, the rate of deforestation was halved between 2004 and 2009 due to environmental protection laws and pressure from soybean consumers.

But in Malaysia and elsewhere in South-East Asia, laws against deforestation are often lacking or poorly enforced, and more and more forests have disappeared in favor of palm oil plantations. We knew there was such a phenomenon, but we still did not have the numbers to show it clearly around the world, ” says Curtis.

graph evolution rate of deforestation

Graph showing the evolution of the rate of deforestation between 2001 and 2015 for different zones of the world. Credits: Philip G. Curtis & al.

According to Nepstad, despite the success of corporate commitments to slow down deforestation in the Amazon, the report is discouraging. Several companies have embarked on a policy of “zero deforestation” by ceasing to buy palm oil. But of these 473 commitments, only 155 have truly integrated this policy into their 2020 procurement targets. And only 49 companies have reported real progress in this direction.

These commitments have been hard to come by, and some companies simply do not want to do more, ” says Nepstad. For Lisa Rauch, a geographer at the University of Wisconsin (USA), it can be complicated for companies to find suppliers with verifiable sources of supply that respect the zero deforestation policy.

Source: Science





Photo: Gabriel Faria
Gabriel Faria –

(translate Google translate)
Brazilian Agricultural Research Society
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply

News / News Research / Research shows interference of trees in tillage in ILPF systems
15/01/19 | ILPF
Research shows interference of trees in tillage in ILPF systems

Soybeans are more tolerant than corn in a Crop-Livestock-Forest Integration System (ILPF). This is one of the conclusions of the five-year assessment of different integrated system configurations performed in the larger ILPF experiment conducted by Embrapa in Sinop (MT).

According to the results published by the researchers of Embrapa Agrossilvipastoril (MT), the SOJA harvest showed only a decrease in productivity due to the decrease in the incidence of the sun from the FOURTH year of implantation of the systems. .

On the other hand, MAIZE, grown during the second harvest, has recorded a drop in productivity since the THIRD agricultural year.

The research was conducted as part of a 72-hectare experiment in which soybean / maize, MEAT CATTLE and EUCALYPTUS production systems are compared to all possible integration combinations: ILP, ILF, IPF and ILPF (rotated every two years). and with cultivation in culture and cattle in safrinha every year).

Areas with an arboreal component are formed by triple rows of eucalyptus trees spaced 30 meters apart, planted in an east-west direction.

In the case of soybean, although there was no difference in size between plants until the fourth year, the productivity of the ILF system decreased by 18.4% compared to the single harvest of the plant. harvest 2014/2015, the fourth of the system. In the other systems with trees, there was no statistical difference.

By the fifth harvest (2015/2016), soybean yield had dropped by 24% in the ILF and ILPF systems with rotation every two years. In the more intensified ILPF system, with soybeans and corn with brachiaria, and grazing after maize harvest, oilseed productivity was similar to that of the treeless system.

Maize also showed only statistical differences in average plant size from the fifth year, with variations up to 19 cm in height. The crop lines closest to the trees on the south face are those showing the greatest reduction. However, productivity changes began to be observed as early as the third harvest, with an average 19% drop in tree processing compared to a single crop. In the next two crops, the fall was 37%.

In the average yield of the five years of evaluation, soybean had a reduction of 13.1% in the ILF system and 8.6% in the ILPF systems. On the other hand, corn showed an average decrease of 23.1% in ILF and 19.4% in ILPF.

“Corn is a demanding plant in clear, a plant in C4, and in our region it is grown in safrinha, it takes the worst time in terms of brightness.The days are getting shorter until the beginning of winter. this adds up to the largest shade projected by the trees because of the greater solar angulation at this time of the year, “explains researcher Ciro Magalhães.

According to the researcher, the incidence of solar radiation in tree systems, compared to exclusive farming, was reduced by 17% during the soybean growing period and by 33% during the maize growing season. seventh harvest evaluated (2017/18).

The effects of shadow on ILPF systems
Can corn be removed from the system?

Although maize has a greater decline in productivity, good management of the forest component can allow for continuity of grain planting in one or two harvests.

“By making the desrama as high as possible, you will let more light into the system, while reducing the evapotranspiration of the trees.” By removing the surface of the leaves with the lower branches, you reduce the demand for water. the competition for water and nutrients between trees and soybean and corn plants in the area closer to the roots will be less, which will also result in a reduction in the grain yield, “says Ciro, who always warns the need for debris to ensure the good quality of the wood.

Another solution is to design ILPF systems with simple lines, with a single line of trees. As a result of the study period, one of the treatments was cut to keep only the center line of the trees, spaced 37 meters apart.

Immediately, soy returned to productivity, not unlike trees without systems. Maize has also responded well, regaining some of its productivity. However, it still had losses compared to the single system.

“If you start an ILPF system with simple roots, we already know that as early as the seventh year, you can grow soy without losing productivity, but corn, even with a single herb, with eucalyptus of six and seven. years, has losses of 15% to 23% “, affirms Ciro on the basis of the evaluations of harvests 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.

To find out how much of the corn productivity loss will be offset by the wood gain, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the cycle, with the final cut of the trees and the complete economic evaluation of the system.

According to the researcher, alternatives such as growing maize in the crop (season with a larger radiation shift in the systems) may be attractive since the market offsets. Otherwise, it is best to rotate with other crops, such as rice and cowpea, for example, or even to anticipate the second season.

“One way to get the most out of the ILPF area would be to grow soybeans at harvest time and plant the grass in sequence, which would be a beef system at the beginning of the season. days, this grass is formed and the beef is already grazing in a shadow zone, which is beneficial for the performance of animals, “he suggests.
ILPF: More revenue using the same space

Contrary to what a summary crop analysis might suggest, research shows that ILPF systems are worth it. Even with positive results in trees and livestock.

“You’re taking more products from the same region.” Up to the fifth year, in one of the ILPF triple row systems, the soy yield was the same.
That is, I produce soybeans with the same productivity, and the trees growing there will bring me money in the future, “says Ciro.

According to research, until the fourth year, TREES in the integrated system were similar in behavior to monoculture trees, with an average annual increase of 31 m³ / ha. This number is lower than the national average for Eucalyptus “urograndis”, ie 39 m³ / ha, but higher than the average of Mato Grosso, which is 23.8 m³ / ha / year.

In the fifth year, evaluations showed a larger diameter gain in ILPF, with an average of 3.8 cm / y compared to 3.2 cm / yr in a single silvicultural system. According to researcher Hélio Tonini, this shows the increased competition for light in monoculture.

However, until the fifth year, no significant variation in the volume of wood between individuals has been identified.

However, continued research has shown that tree management, such as the removal of lateral lines and the maintenance of the central line, has a significant impact on diameter growth and volume increase. In two years, the volume gain of the single-line zone is 54% higher than in the monoculture zone and 25% higher than in the zone with three-row lines, explains Embrapa researcher Maurel Behling.

Better forage and animal performance

Livestock farming, on the other hand, showed gains when integrated with the crop and forest. The measure of FORUM ACCUMULATION was 34% higher in areas preceded by tillage. This resulted in higher weight gain for Nellore steers. In ILPF systems, the average weight gain per animal was 740 g / day, 21% higher than ILP, 38% higher than exclusive grazing and 24% higher than IPF.

According to the Embrapa researcher Bruno Pedreira, responsible for the evaluation of the livestock component, the data show the synergy of the components. “The interaction between them generates gains that often do not even identify where they are,” says the expert.

Economic evaluation

All data for the economic evaluation of this experiment were collected but not yet analyzed. However, other research carried out in partnership between Embrapa, the Instituto Mato Grosso do Agropecuária Economia (Imea) and the ILPF network have demonstrated the ECONOMIC VIABILITY of crop-livestock-forest integration systems.

Recent research has also shown how such systems help to increase producer safety. By VARYING SOURCES OF INCOME, it is less vulnerable to possible changes in commodity prices.

The study also showed that even in the worst simulated scenarios, with a 15% drop in the price of soybean or beef arroba, ILPF remains profitable.

Júlio César dos Reis, researcher at Embrapa, points out that, in an integrated system, no single result can be observed in isolation. You have to look at the system as a whole. The decrease in productivity in one component can be offset by a gain in another.

Gabriel Faria (MT 15,624 / MG)
Embrapa Agrossilvipastoril

Press contacts
Phone: (66) 3211-4227

More information on the subject
Citizen Assistance Service (ASC)

REMARQUE de greenjillaroo.wordpress.com

A remarkable study that would benefit from being supplemented by comparative hygrometry and temperature readings in the agroforestry / out-of-area zone, especially in periods of prolonged drought to gain the benefits of LOCAL CLIMATE STABILITY.

On the other hand, to try in the other direction NORTH SOUTH and with other types of trees, because the eucalyptus have the reputation of impoverishing the grounds to the right of their roots by pumping any water (birch, oak, elm, beech), and in all other parts of the world!


In Pakistan, hundreds of millions of trees planted against deforestation


How is vegetation recovering from drought?

For the first time, a scientific study looks at the ability of plants to recover from drought. And an alarming global report: with global warming, the plant cover will take more and more time to recover.

Forêt victime de la sécheresse

Southwest US forest affected by recurring droughts in the 2000s.

William Anderegg

RECOVERY. Drought is a climatic hazard that science has deepened for decades on its three aspects meteorological, agricultural and hydrological phenomenon: long absence of precipitation, impact on plant productivity, lower levels of lakes, rivers and groundwater. But once rain returns sufficiently, how and in how long do the plants return to their “normal” state? Carnegie Science and the University of Utah’s world-wide work is the first to attempt to answer this question. Their results have just been published in Nature. “It was assumed that ecosystems and plants would recover quickly when wet conditions return,” says William Anderegg of the University of Utah’s Department of Biology. But we do not know the global mechanisms, especially the species that recover more quickly than others and the conditions that accelerate or slow this regreening.

Researchers used a drought assessment system called the “Standardized Index of Precipitation / Evaporation”. It is a calculation method that takes into account the temperature, the soil moisture, the recent level of rainfall and the demand of the plants in water. To evaluate the recovery time, the team adapted this tool to the data provided by the satellites measuring the primary productivity, that is to say the conversion rate of sunlight into biomass carried out by the plants. A return to normal after a drought has a solid definition: it intervenes when the productivity before the lack of water is restored.

Time to restore vegetation after a drought. In France, it can exceed a year especially in the northern part of the country. Tropical countries experience the longest recovery times. © Christopher Schwalm

The recovery period of the plants may be longer than the duration of the drought

ACCUMULATION. On average in the world, it takes six months for a vegetation to regain its productivity. It often happens that the period of restoration of vegetation lasts longer than the drought itself. Thus, regional differences have been highlighted. The Arctic areas and especially the tropical areas of Latin America and Southeast Asia may require more than two years. “It’s worrying because these forests are the ones that store the most carbon in the air,” notes Anderegg. Not surprisingly, it is the wet weather conditions that allow rapid recovery. But maintaining high temperatures slows down plant recovery. The researchers also noted the effect of recurring droughts whose impacts are accumulating. This is what happened to the Amazon rainforest, victim of two episodes in 2005 and 2010. “The satellite images show that the Amazon massif had not fully recovered from the 2005 drought when that of 2010 arrived” continues Anderegg . These repetitive episodes can turn a forest into a maquis, the researchers continue. This is predicted by the IPCC scenarios for the current century: recurring heat waves and a disturbed water cycle worsening the frequency and duration of droughts.

The American study gives a global picture that was lacking to all the managers in charge of the forest massifs in the world. Thus, in France, the monitoring of tree populations carried out by INRA and the National Center for Forest Ownership brings to the local level the same conclusions as the international study that has just been published. The beeches and oaks of French forests are already suffering from recurring droughts rather than extreme episodes of rainfall deficiency. Managers note the drying up of the summit branches, a sign that the trees are suffering and that in the absence of a pronounced water deficit. It is for this reason that the beech could disappear completely from the southern regions of the Loire by the end of the century. CNPF and INRA are now developing trials of new species that are better able to withstand higher temperatures and longer rainfall deficits.



OUR MENTAL AND BEHAVIORAL RESPONSIBILITY for the 4 ELEMENTS on the planet (FIRE, AIR, WATER, EARTH) in all human activities : http://www.terrenouvelle.ca/enseignements/enseignement-ay-am/discours-des-maitres-ascensionnes/discours-les-4-elements/

Nothing is separate !

Kryeon – THE FIVE ALIGNMENTS – May 2017




Humanity, caught in its partial games of so-called forced and hasty industrial “progress”, of survival in massive overpopulation and madly excessive urbanization of the “ever more”, refuses to see that the planet requires a rigorous management of all in all sustainable domains (resource management, environmental, climate).

The youth, educated to enter the molds urban or “traditional” from birth, thinks it is necessary to copy and repeat the excessive sexual and behavioral games of their elders, without realizing early enough that each era must work its evolutions by being very careful of to be healthy and attentive to the overall equilibrium (a bit like the hamish people do, the religion lasts less), starting with living preferably in the countryside, rather than yielding too quickly to all the costumed and false games of the cities ( with long speeches hollow evidence and dances on the spot, insane expenses and endless speculation …).

The State of The Earth (channeling frome Kryon)



3 – Alarm, as study reveals world’s tropical forests are huge carbon emission source

4 – Water Cycle is not favorable to dry continents

Forests globally are so degraded that instead of absorbing emissions they now release more carbon annually than all the traffic in the US, say researchers

The study measured the impact of disturbance and degradation – the thinning of tree density and the culling of biodiversity below an apparently protected canopy.
The study measured the impact of disturbance and degradation – the thinning of tree density and the culling of biodiversity below an apparently protected canopy. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

The world’s tropical forests are so degraded they have become a source rather than a sink of carbon emissions, according to a new study that highlights the urgent need to protect and restore the Amazon and similar regions.

Researchers found that forest areas in South America, Africa and Asia – which have until recently played a key role in absorbing greenhouse gases – are now releasing 425 teragrams of carbon annually, which is more than all the traffic in the United States.

This is a far greater loss than previously thought and carries extra force because the data emerges from the most detailed examination of the topic ever undertaken. The authors say their findings – published in the journal Science on Thursday – should galvanise policymakers to take remedial action.

“This shows that we can’t just sit back. The forest is not doing what we thought it was doing,” said Alessandro Baccini, who is one of the leader authors of the research team from Woods Hole Research Center and Boston University. “As always, trees are removing carbon from the atmosphere, but the volume of the forest is no longer enough to compensate for the losses. The region is not a sink any more.”

The study went further than any of its predecessors in measuring the impact of disturbance and degradation – the thinning of tree density and the culling of biodiversity below an apparently protected canopy – usually as a result of selective logging, fire, drought and hunting.

This can reduce biomass by up to 75%. But it is more difficult for satellites to monitor than deforestation (the total clearance of foliage) because, when viewed from above, the canopy appears uninterrupted despite the depletion underneath.

To get more accurate data, scientists combined 12 years of satellite data with field studies. They found a net carbon loss on every continent. Latin America – home to the Amazon, the world’s biggest forest – accounted for nearly 60% of the emissions, while 24% came from Africa and 16% from Asia.

Overall, more carbon was lost to degradation and disturbance than deforestation. The researchers stressed this was an opportunity as well as a concern because it was now possible to identify which areas are being affected and to restore forests before they disappeared completely.

“Prior to this we knew degradation was a problem but we didn’t know where or how much,” said Wayne Walker, another of the lead authors. “It’s easier to address the problem when there is still some of the forest left standing.”

The priority is to protect pristine forests with high carbon density. The most effective way of doing this, he said, was to support land rights for indigenous people. “Those living in the forest can make a difference,” Walker said.

Unfortunately, many governments whose territories are home to tropical forests are moving in the opposite direction. In Brazil and Colombia, for example, deforestation has accelerated rapidly in the past year.

“When I look at these numbers and the map of where the changes are occurring, it’s shocking,” said Baccini, who has a two-year-old son. “My child may not see many of the forests. At this rate of change, they will not be there.”

But he said the numbers should be a driver for action. “We need to be positive. Let’s turn tropical forests back into a sink. We need to restore degraded areas” he said. “As far as technology for reducing carbon is concerned, this is low-hanging fruit. We know how to protect and sustain forests. It’s relatively cost effective”

“Prior to this we knew degradation was a problem but we didn’t know where or how much,” said Wayne Walker, another of the lead authors. “It’s easier to address the problem when there is still some of the forest left standing.”

The priority is to protect pristine forests with high carbon density. The most effective way of doing this, he said, was to support land rights for indigenous people. “Those living in the forest can make a difference,” Walker said.

Unfortunately, many governments whose territories are home to tropical forests are moving in the opposite direction. In Brazil and Colombia, for example, deforestation has accelerated rapidly in the past year.

“When I look at these numbers and the map of where the changes are occurring, it’s shocking,” said Baccini, who has a two-year-old son. “My child may not see many of the forests. At this rate of change, they will not be there.”

But he said the numbers should be a driver for action. “We need to be positive. Let’s turn tropical forests back into a sink. We need to restore degraded areas” he said. “As far as technology for reducing carbon is concerned, this is low-hanging fruit. We know how to protect and sustain forests. It’s relatively cost effective”





You are not unaware that prayer is multidimensional and works (sometimes, when you insist a little, with faith) beyond what current science and physical understand!
It is the same with the climate. Which requires a partnership of local and global consciousness that few humans consider efficient!
The ancients understood this bond of consciousness with the atmosphere and the humidity of the oceans to call the rain!
The present humanity, not in a multidimensional understanding of how consciousness interacts with the elements and nature, is learning about it.
That is why global warming exists. It is expressed in the form of a human responsibility to be rediscovered. We need to visualize, when necessary and long enough, the rains come smoothly and enough oceans!




    • Note : in desert, two type of vegetation needed on larger embankments : higher palm date trees, and under fruit trees (as tunisian experience did).
    • Gains : to got dense air in  place ; to stock water, humus (7cm by 25 years) & avoid A LOT floods an dry weather : only THAT SOLUTION as in oasis…, and nearly in rice fields (but without enough trees !)
    • Upstream river basin topographic managment with these tools : – GPS more precise (5 cm) with Broadcom BCM47755 new chips (2018) for smartphone ;
  • – Topographic Google Earth tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yaFdazzg8E
  • Mechanization of the agroforestry terraces selected: the leveling machines will be equipped at the rear with a laser aimed at a fixed target to maintain a horizontal progression.

In case of calcareous soil (stones to reduce to dust to make humus thanks to the ambient humidity which in thick will finish tight), it is possible to use a big digger having a special bucket consisting of a small jaw crusher (as figured in the photos below):


On the slopes of mountains (or big hills)  with high vegetation and embankments enough…, a convection STRONG effect of the humid air begin with it descent along the slopes. Arrived in plate soils around, where sun is stronger, the evaporation (braking of molecules) absorb heat in this air, which go up to the top.

Then accelerated by Ventury effect and the altitude cooler, there is condensation (molecules of water recreated with the heat transported) and refresh. Clouds, rain or smog are created !

This convection exchange in altitude is very strong, but only there…, as pilot of glider live it to fly with ascending air. But, this landscapes arrangement and LOCAL climate efficiency is also a very good system to make rain, or to keep humidity IN PLACE.

 The convection stop the hot wind in summer (and diminish global warming about 35 times more than dry air), because the two types of air (humid an dry) cannot be mixed !

This effect very strong in all conditions of HUMID atmosphere, if it is maintained low when each place of the continents (as around Mexico ocean),  to hot, ranges of trees can diminish hot air for humid one (difference rate of  35 times of absorption of heat in theory…!), a good and simple manner to low down the difference of temperature starting the tornado’s and cyclones effects !

My professional experience of studying cement engineering projects, including wet cooking and dry cooking, was decisive in confirming this. The wet way absorbed a lot more heat!

So, to prevent tornadoes damages (in center of USA) to solutions should be used :

– around cities to refresh hot soil air, lot of trees and rice fields with watering with sprinklers ;

– in suburbs of too hot cities, to refresh the air with sprinklers (making fine rain, drizzle, mist, more efficient with very little drops to refresh air…) used in each street and garden !

Because the causes of tornadoes is contrast of hot air down…, and fresh air  coming from north regions in clouds upper theses soils.

And, it is so important to know that reverberation of hot an dry soils is more difficult to cold than to heat (like in a cement kiln were bricks need four days to cold when to heat is very quickly : about 24 hours)…, it is why LOT of humid VEGETATION in place (in deep soils) is so important, as inside the too dry countries.

VENTURI STRONG EFFECT of dense atmosphere returned at the top of hills covered of trees, the soils retained by embankments – TORUS convection effect is known as optimized and maintained energies recirculation (atome, earth atmosphere and galaxies magnetic fields).

Venturi effect : return of condensation at the top of mountains coming from green slopes retained (my Victoria Peakring mountain of Enlightenment…)

!§! >>> Please see the drawings very telling throughout the pages and sections of the site !§!

2016 – however, for global warming, the cause of greenhouse gas would be less decisive than the influence of VARIATIONS SOLAR … and the IPCC manipulations with fake researchers (some of which are still appointed but not validate the data sent by the IPCC) …! §!



The global warming would occur only in the lower layers of the atmosphere, and not in the upper layers, and excess CO2 would be shifted in time back over previous periods of global warming, so no cause, but a consequence of ocean warming by the sun !§!

We’ll see on this blog, when the trees is large enough moisture across all continents, and well chosen, the problem of the difference in heat absorption between moist air (then very present) and that of dry (arid and desert deleted) air can no longer exist … Like in Yunan with the chan’s landscapes way of life, by example !§!

Because the trees humidity (optimum natural climate regulator) is 35 times stronger to reduce dramatic local climate change, first in local effect !!!.

DELETING HEDGES (or rows of fruit trees) is a SERIOUS ERROR!

The fact that CO2 increases in the atmosphere should, on the contrary, encourage us to multiply the hedges and rows of trees in large quantities because, in sufficient winds, they reduce CO2 to the soil, that will serve (as fertilizer TERRA NEGRA in Amazonia with charcoal culture buried in the ground over centuries!).

That shows us the stable climate of the Amazon … Except that there, the waters not controlled and kept as in Bali …!      As the Hang people in Yunan (China) :







FALSE !§!      It’s wrong !

Because, as found even Morocco for a Eucalyptus from Australia forest near Meknes (over 45 ° C in the shade in the summer…!), or otherwise, simply   in the Massif Central of France in September 2016 :

    • Trees subjected to 5 weeks of prolonged drought eventually lose 20-30% of their foliage!
  • The absorption of CO2 + account is not there…! §!


In fact, there is no risk of clean energy poverty in the future!

It would suffice to solar collectors on 900 km2 (or 300 x 300 km)  to cover all the electricity needs of the planet !

Spain comes to a solar plant that stores heat so the electricity in molten salt, allowing it to deliver electricity day… and night !

Latest generation of photovoltaic cells development prospects are diners on a future performance by 50% with nanotube sensors (while current photovoltaic silicon sensors painfully reach 25% while being difficult to manufacture and expensive)!

For cons, the additional worry is that with such yields these sensors will release as much heat as the yield supplement of 100%, or 50% of heat in the best of times!

Covered cities of photovoltaic collectors will reverberate in fact always albedo that currently much heat because of the dark color of these! It will reconsider the greenest!

Energy poverty is not the problem …, solar cars may be a part of the future (like Stella Lux one of the Heindoven university)

….!§§§§!…. However, this is OVERHEATING GLOBAL WARMING begining to not enough LOCAL LEVELS landscape and agroforestry with any deductions surface water retained that is one, and that one huge ..! §!

.!§§§§!…. And only ONE MASSIVE GREENCOVER planetary be remedied to prevent the polar soil drenched methane and CO2, based, not on disgorge huge quantity of these global warming gases, as proven already occurred on Earth during beginnings of inter-glaciaires periods (examinations and analysis of deep sediment cores):



BAMBOO ideal plant to green and soften the deserts?

 A Hindu architect BAMBOO specialist explains that this very hardy plant that loves silica of deserts, seems ideal to survive in the salty land of deserts, as able to withstand extreme temperatures while softening the climate!

BAMBOO is rapidly growing (from 30 cm to 1.00 m per day!). It would absorb 30% more CO2 than a tree! (Arte Future TV).

It is also ideal for making wooden houses…, ecological huts !



Japan, which wants to invest $ 27 billion in Africa with 10 billion in infrastructure, would do well, just like the world, the United Nations … to study the choices to be green entrance very long term in waterways significantly cleaner and sustainable in the long term than are roads and land vehicles (once more oil). Past durty industries are to be stopped NOW !

These waterways are less expensive to maintain, cleaner than land routes and gear transport significantly easier to build renewable wood by boats and pirogues. On the other hand, everything meshed big enough flat continent of navigable canals would be of great benefit for the climate by transferring much excess water tropical high rainfall areas, to the subtropical arid plains …! §!

Africa is not obliged to adopt Western folly of expensive time with transport wasteful and polluting speedé said “just” in time …!§!


Mozambique National Park Helped by Greg CARR

The millionaire Greg Carr was courageous to want to help Mozambique initiative to repair, reforest its National Park! (http://www.gorongosa.org)

It lacks these initiatives, including creating channels of distribution by transport office for the irrigation channels across all too arid countries in the world!


The RICE FIELDS (picture on top of the front page) are not enough ! WHY ? Because atmosphere self-regulation of  perspiration, of evaporation of trees is missing ! Easter Island / isla de Pasqua, in Pacific ocean is dry…(with full of erosion). Then at the same latitude (North) JAVA ISLAND is full of water with trees around rice fields keeping everywhere water a lot ! To stay unmoved with a weight on the head (or around the body), like statues (waiting a “Savior”)…, is it enough ? SAME STARTING CLIMATE CONDITIONS but NOT THE SAME RESULTS…, WHY ? – overpopulation ? – insufficient and inadequate management of landscapes (trees, humus, water) ? – excess of cattle (giving methane with a lot of global warming) ? – waiting of “gods”…, when only inside advises of own help are possible (because we are on Earth, to become better creators… too) ? …All together ????


In China government said  in 2013 that more than 400 villages are under heavy pollution of dust coal (or chemical in rivers). But in Amazonia “terra negra” with coal was  discovered, on  2or 3 meters deep, on indian’s arrangement during about 400 years to got a soil for goods cultures.

If China choice to make everywhere landscapes arrangements like these two figures, when the trees are transpired, the pollution of dust coil will be lay down by dense air of theses trees. Rest to find a solution in winter !landscape management necessary on each slope of hill or mountain around the world against global warmingBENEFITS : (gains verified over 25 years in France, in clayey plateau, windy, very dry in summer) :

– heoretical absorption of air heat Moist / Dry air = 35 times more … in wet ;
– heat not at all felt locally, and watering reduced to a minimum;
– trees at the bottom of slopes growing twice as fast as those on slopes;
– gain by wet and dense deposition of 7cm of humus and CO2 fertilizer (over 25 years of test);
– no risk of flooding during a storm (any excess water retained locally);
– any water absorbed by the soil, lighter, and by the roots of trees (even species with deep roots);
no risk of drought and uncontrollable firespassages facilitated for the firemen in each portion of forest !

In that disposal, HEAVY TRACTORS are not the solution in humus and humid soils

Here is a new conception of plugh easy to be tractor-drawn by horse. As half floating plughs with two cylinders closed turning  with helical opposite senses ploughshares parts  to return the soil.

  • The cheaper rotated plughs should be made with two straight trunks of oak, machine-turned on them two ends (pillow-bloks of wood and conical parts), to link them with to harness of wood (with grease, as the axis wheels of old carts).
  • Not only for PALM TREES, but with more different ones, water retained :

Good Examples of this cycle in Bali island, or in “La Reunion” island : (http://videos.arte.tv/fr/videos/x_enius-6293986.html)

Each Day ont this island of La Reunion, because of the relief very high, the cycle of creation of clouds with rain is coming back each day (nearly at the same hour in afternoon). Each evaporation of trees contribute… (at the most hot moment of the day) to push density and humid air down (with humidity of ocean too). Giving a lot of returned hot and humid ocean air in altitude (refreshed at the top of mountains, with more condensation, because of the retractable Ventury effect).

I saw it in the Martinique Island too, enough high…, but not in over ones without relief : like Maurice Island or Guadeloupe islands, or Easter Island (so far and poor)…!


One’s more PROBE that you can test on a road bordered of big trees in clean campaign (not in USA, they are not except in town, shame on them with theirs deserts in the south…), a road where are running on only “rare” old cars “smoking” a lot. Under the trees, the smoke is not smelled because humid and dense air going down around you. But if you go out of the shadow of the trees, the smoke is dilated, expanded and return to the top of the trees…, beur’kkk’SS !!!

Fever ! You have your microclimate probe of  “EarthAliveforEver” !


RESULTS of THIS TYPE OF DESING with… embankments covered with lot of trees :


(increasing without hot winds of sand ) !

GAIN OF TREES growing faster TO SELL (or for cooking) !




to solve missing of soils in agriculture productivity !  

There too, it is possible to build WIND MILL on the top of those efficient artificial family hills…, with nearly permanent vertical wind between 5 to 10m/s…, as I discovered it in Morocco in 1969, in light airplane flights (on a forest in light slope, near a little airport not far from Casablanca) : with a VERY STRONG EFFECT of evaporationso strong that… not able to allow my Cessna to land on landing strip of airport near by the forest !!!

ONE’S MORE, to STOP to keep those DRY VALLEYS…, with lot of erosion like around Colorado River / Great Canyon… and so “on” ???

Were Global warming growing up crazy…!


Agroforestry restraint, following the example of primary forest is the only way to replenish soil rich in humus true origins, through local decomposition of tree leaves and twigs in wetlands selected !

Farmland and forests are dry heresy, because of:

The proliferation of pests like termites which seriously attacked forests and timber structures (houses like this only really green);

The disappearance of amphibians (frogs, salamanders) that eliminate insects and mosquitoes too.

Lack of fungi in contact with roots (trees and plants), making nitrogen…!§!


Different forms of landscapes corrections to manage the climate sure and durable

Convection étagée humide montagnes bord de mer

Turbinage of water to smooth and store renewable energies a lot !

In any mountainous landscape, it is quite possible and useful to do WATER TURBINING to store renewable energies (alternative, discontinuous wind and solar).

This is what has been successfully achieved on the island “EL HIERRO” in the Canary Islands:



In addition, this concept can be extended to abandoned mines in the plain, or to salty deserts of altitude:

https://greenjillaroo.wordpress.com/2017/11/01/turbiner-de-leau-de-mer-ve pour rs-des-deserts-daltitude-pour-plus-delectricite-le-soir/

YES…! WITH THE GREEN JILLAROO  WORLD TEAMS : WE CAN” !  Said Siting Bull… (now in a clear dimension…, I hope so…).



 “When the last tree will be cut, the last river poisonned, the last fish captured, then pale…face man will faced money can’t be eat…”

Free translation of an old “sunface” men in forest breathing twice a day !

In NAVAJO DAKOTA, SIOUX lands and parks, fixing of dunes in place must be made by trees, not only by grass, because humidity of trees is necessary upon this sand to stop hot wind, “Evident dear watt-sons” !§!

THAT is a NEW REAL PLAN, a new MARSHALL PROJECT without risk of wars !

So…, dear courageous cow-girls (and cow-boys ‘aah-round’ of ‘Koursk’…), a drawing is better (than a long false speaks of politicians…, not going to poles melted, looking reality in face : overflowing of oceans, may be tomorrow : not only in Holland and Bangladesh or Bangkok)…

… to explain how may change the micro-climates in place, each by each !


YEAH’SS ‘week Cannes’ ?             Hummmm !              No lie ! WE CAN ! un air d'oasis

*** Yes…, because LOT of TREES ON EMBANKMENTS around all soils is “the” solution 35 times stronger against Global warming (of heat absorption than dry airwith 100 liters of water per each TREE pumped in deep soils and restore in place in good period as summer need it, without FLOODS or DRYNESS…).  

The reducing coefficient of HEAT with HUMID AIR is 35 MORE EFFICIENT than DRY AIR ... to reduce GLOBAL WARMING !!! ***

Understanding that  is REALLY “little” MORE EFFICIENT…, than damages of 25% of gas of CO2 and NH4 (methane).

Terraces rice fields in North-Vietnam (in DRY countries MORE TREES on each level on embankments are absolutely necessary to report humidity from humid season to dry one !)

 In Kenya too, and throughout Africa savannah, instead of pushing young people to go to stop in cities false lives, it would be more useful to teach them to protect their villages elephants surrounding these plantations thorny one kilometer radius, and outside plant behind this impenetrable circle of tight elephants are not tempted to cross as the vegetation is abundant tree rows. Within this circle, no animal’s land will be considered, then closer to the village terraces with wooded slope embankments to collect storm water, always in a circle around it. While learning to Kenyan youth do not get bamboozled too young marriages with throngs of children, and boys out of their heads the idea of lots of cattle to appear rich, and soon not enough vegetation to the horizon!……

(Google Earth source) ALL OF US are CREATORS of our LIFE ! It is SURE…, but only when we need it literal !Like a new Planet of consciousness effectively responsable of the global energies …! Thinking and maintaining :

  1. “- I AM… MY BODY IN LOVE (perfect) !
  2.  – I AM… THE ENERGIES IN LOVE (air, water, earth, fire/light)
  3.  – I AM… THE PLANET IN LOVE (balanced) !
  5.  – The SAFE AIDS and inspirations are always mines !
  6.  – I AM GOD TOO (by my intentions) ! And NEVER ALONE !

THE GOD thoughts need all largely PERFECT…, as you need your HEALTHY life too…, not so specialized…, but with a lot of diversity in yours jobs with the nature. Truth, beauty, kindness first !

Dears Girls (and farmers), not only on your horse, and with to much of cows ! With shovels, to love soils, and may be to say you are saved from snakes viewed in peace, them far from you !

It seems that at the beginning of the planet, when the dry continents were not up (all one ocean…), the climate was quiet…, and began to change and disturb the thermal balance when they appeared (look at the good teaching site : http://www.urantia.org ).



Two methods were invented:

one, using improved artificial compound diapers made in small quantities under each plant to grow;
– the other, more natural, just invented by a young Australian (winning at Google) which consists of a very environmentally friendly product based absorbent orange peels and lawyers (still have to dispose of, on site … !)

Remember that this will never be enough if the indigenous do not usually use their inner power to say bring rain from the ocean. For more feared droughts, famines more are obtained… Our global partnership is played at this level, much before material and economic globalization.

Lesson creative consciousness to understand and share on Earth more and more !


The discovery of millennial stones pyramids give an example of not durable experiences, (like recently in Bosnia, or in Yucatan before). Those pyramids can not growing up like live ones, with embankments and trees around, and are often hidden in the ground under meters of good soils, or destructed by winds of sand…!

To be waiting more energy coming from the sky do not give water and good lives around (as in Egypt, Middle East and so “on”…!). The world population would like to find “real” and “safety” life in HOT and DRY stones cities, but it is not possible ! Only virtual ones not vital at all !!!  Waiting from “gods” and then, avoiding to work in Real Nature well retained and manageis impossible !

It is not necessary to play radical amish attitudes (or other muslim and catholic only “happy” to pry n stone monuments…) to understand that !

It is enough to open ours eyes : life in desert is impossible… without manage it very exactly, more than in poor oasis (with lot of trees, like in Amazon, but in agroforestery with narrow fields between lines of trees spaced of 9 m. to keep a LOCAL CLIMATE humid and durable…).

Alls yours pets and animals of farm, with them noses near the good energies of grass, know that ! Ask them ! Stay foot nudes in the grass.

Not to “play” “big foots” in dry high mountains like Everest !!! Yeti was certainly a genetics enormous mistake of Atlantis to make slavery of strong animals near humans (given at least towns in the sea is nearly discovered near Cuba) ! Nothing is separate in ours missing of Earth University managements Do we need to learn of our mistakes of the past ?  In our dreams…, we CAN (asking it) !  Better than to go each life in excessive manners and  trying to destroy the planet !


That explain why dry continents have to be covered of TREES EVERYWHERE, with theses balanced forest-garden in Agroforestery retained !

One example among lot of others… : In south of Spain, So hot town of Cadix have a Natural park on a peninsula just in front, but only dry soils around… The white towns as Cadix are not enough to really change climate. All countries of south and everywhere around the world, need, lot of trees and water retained. Not only castles or big houses, all cars with air-conditioning (the worst against Global warming !).

With ours Bad and hard “plays” in towns, false a lot, each “civilisation” forget the basic attitude with landscapes and climates, thinking that  landscape painter and gardener, peasant, country people are the lower experience on Earth. It is false !

You can control it with this beautiful movie :


That is the new real Disney World for the future !

Not an other one more complicated ! With reals various animals (not only Mickey and Peter Pan, or stupid humans like Laurel and Hardy). But like  a real doe and her fawn, not only discovered in a zoo, not Bamby only on cartoons…!

Like me to day, in a real garden forest with two pools, I can see that ! Beautiful fawn jumping upon hedges ! Marvelous ! ‘Mare-voeux-l’USeee’ (joke of french & english) !

Better than the dry steps of rocks of false terraces in Angkor Vat ! To “go toward God” is first to learn how to balance the climate with soft tools (first lesson indeed). Why the populations forget it so quickly ? because they learn that Nature is dangerous !

But THE NATURE WILL COME to US (gods too…), only as we wait it…! “Dangerous” if we fear it ; but also, literally, sure if we LOVE IT ! As energies waiting in OUR OWN belief ! Eden garden may be in front of us, step by step ! With a little help in landscapes works (more than to come without seed of trees or vegetables, more than to travel too much to visit only false temples in rocks).

PEAK-RING OF LIGHT are they the only REAL MONTS ?

All our so beautiful Nature is the Real Temple of God…! The “alone” TRUTH of good and saved experiences ! 

So…, naïve, ingenious citizens…, we all have to CHANGE a lot ! But not to stay all our life in false towns…! It is wrong, with the worst EXCESS ! The job is not to make more children, but to cure the inlet child, of excess of heavy false belief, if not enough in phase quiet and healthy with our body (Lise Bourbeau cure is eye to want to free herself of lot of work excessive obligations, and explain very well diseases front to believe all in excess – E.T.C. Inc, Canada – Book “Ecoute ton corps / Listen your body”).

In 1987 August, during the Harmonics Convergence of Peace, an CALM earth angel came in my life, out of space and time, to help my inside lightning and awaking : her name Victoria Pickering (based in MONT-REAL…!), probe that angels levels need a REAL CHANGE on Earth with lot of Garden of Eden everywhere, as in the old past centuries !

Our so beautiful Earth offer us a lot of various lessons, but not being always closed, not breathing and moving  enough : one life in palaces, the others in slums…, never being free to appreciate a lot a Nature well-managed, and here, in one of billions physical words to control our productions and overpopulation REALLY !!!

Not like a dark movie to see far from US…, to pray GOD just changing…  the “others” (never us first… for the Best to Live) ! No way “fatal” ! No, never Juge “upstairs” other than US…

We are GODS too, experimental ones, first for oneself ! Ours best solutions must said coming perfect, as the universe do it !

Not in false… dreams…, comedies in theatre with air-conditioned…, fables of world imperfect…, stories of end of the world…, fairytale of Blanche Neige…, movies of man in black…, wars with oneself only on “play”… stations.

NO !

The Human Body was build TO MOVE CALM a LOT in clear and healthy HUMID Nature, clean centuries after clean centuries !

In accord with that, how to change easily overpopulation (and unemployment) : the pregnant girls and women continue to give breast, bosom, few years to her child, or continue to pull out milk. That give her sterile the time she need !

As in Congo, the primate Bonobo does perfectly for 6 years…, to stay in accord with the fruits production of the primary forest !!!

 From the  Earth native : Jacques “Tests-Serve” (France) 68 y.o., – old fellow of natural joy in various landscapes, many lives ago…, as YOU are, on Earth…, a “deep mortal” world …, may be, only if you think so (quickly out…, if you see it like a ‘ss’st’hard’, as not enough healthy moved Michael Jackson Witney Huston too ?) and lot of citizens in artificial and difficult lives of dirty towns, “moved” false  (without real JOY in stupid artificial technical engines and ‘costumes’) !

To collect branches of old trees is an so easy and pleasant job for an old man like me !



A part of French Department of “Drôme des collines” with OLD HILLS of SAND is now occupied on their top by little fields bordered of little forests. During summer, the very dry and hot climate, with lot of wind (very strong in that large “vallée du Rhône” call “Mistral”) do not arrive to destruct this vegetation (oaks,chesnuts). But, the farmers must take care to not use the same methods as productive ones run ! Not to plough deeply, because the sand is not far under…! A son of an old farmer (happy to have a big tractor as a FAST “toy” of stupid boy with “big arms”…) made this enormous mistake…, and is father was furious, speaking to me ! It was too late ! The false was there ! Lot of farmers need not understand that they have to SAY to be helped inside for theirs choices. There is the constant help they need ! The universal knowledge “one”, very large and wise !


Natural agroforestery…, or centuries forgotten one ? Is it enough  in dry climate ? NO : retained water and humus too !!!

Google Earth – Socotra island جزيرة سقطرى

By مهيارmahyar younis






(channeling in french)

– Dialogue avec un arbre maître –

Canalisation sous l’arbre de Tombeboeuf (Lot-et-Garonne)

Je suis en contact avec ce merveilleux chêne ! Il me dit :

“Je vous salue, humains de la Terre, et je voudrais aussi vous remercier de venir souvent me saluer, de venir dans mon aura, et également pour l’Amour que vous me portez. Pour le règne végétal, l’Amour des humains est très important. Le petit peuple vous l’a dit et moi aussi je vous le dis.

Je n’ai pas de pensées comme en ont les humains, mais comme tous les éléments du règne végétal je ressens tout au niveau vibratoire, par exemple je ressens la souffrance immense du règne végétal qui brûle partout dans le monde.

Le règne végétal est capable d’aimer. Bien sûr, il n’a pas de sentiments, mais il a une façon d’aimer peut-être plus profonde que la vôtre. Il n’a pas d’émotionnel, donc il est totalement équilibré au niveau de la vibration Amour qui émane delui.

Malheureusement, il y aura encore des drames pour le règne végétal et même pour les règnes animal et humain. Ce monde est en grande transformation, en grande évolution.

Moi qui vous parle, j’évolue aussi dans ma sphère. Bien sûr, mon évolution est différente de la vôtre, mais je grandis, non dans la matière mais dans la conscience collective ; je grandis dans la vibration qui est la mienne.

J’aimerais vous dire que ce que je suis apportera de plus en plus d’apaisement. Lorsque vous venez vous recueillir dans ce lieu pour partager avec moi cet immense Amour, je peux vous donner beaucoup de sérénité, et je peux surtout vous donner la force qui est la mienne afin que vous puissiez continuer le mieux possible votre cheminement humain.

Lorsque les humains auront compris à quel point il est important que tous les règnes vivent dans une harmonie parfaite, que tous les règnes se respectent et s’aiment, ce monde n’aura plus rien à voir avec ce qu’il est actuellement. Dans certains peuples, les êtres humains étaient, et le sont encore pour certains, en harmonie parfaite avec les divers règnes.

Tout a de l’importance, j’ai de l’importance ! Mes racines sont profondes ; il émane de moi une couleur magnifique, d’un vert très lumineux que vous ne pouvez pas percevoir mais dont vous pouvez ressentir la vibration ; il émane de moi la force, il émane de moi la sagesse. Ce qui émane de moi émanera également de vous grâce à la connaissance que vous aurez développée en vous.

Je ne peux pas penser, et ma conscience d’action est différente de la vôtre ; cette conscience d’action est collective et également individuelle. Ma conscience d’action se limite à ce que je peux apporter au niveau de la communication avec tous les êtres de mon règne et même des autres règnes.

Nous nous apportons tous mutuellement de l’aide, nous nous soignons mutuellement, mais actuellement le règne végétal est en grande souffrance ; celle-ci vient bien sûr de la pollution générée par les hommes, et aussi de la souffrance des humains que nous ressentons. Nous sommes reliés vibratoirement à tous les règnes, tout comme vous l’êtes.

La chaîne de la vie ne peut pas être rompue ! Vous ignorez qui nous sommes réellement ! Vous ne pourrez acquérir l’équilibre qu’à partir du moment où vous aurez conscience de tout ce que nous pouvons nous apporter mutuellement : c’est l’équilibre de la chaîne de la vie !

Je suis heureux losque vous venez auprès de moi, je suis heureux lorsque les êtres du monde animal viennent auprès de moi car il y a un échange. Lorsque les vaches paissent dans ce pré, je ressens leurs vibrations. Souvent d’ailleurs, ce que je ressens, et cela va vous étonner, c’est un mélange de vibrations de peur et d’Amour.

Les animaux ont une capacité de manifester leur Amour plus importante que la nôtre parce qu’ils sont un tout petit peu plus près des hommes que nous le sommes. Cependant nous vivons, nous grandissons, nous évoluons, et comme vous les hommes nous mourons.

Nous faisons partie du même cycle de vie que vous, mais avec un rythme beaucoup plus lent. Si nous pouvions accélérer notre processus de vie, vous seriez très étonnés de voir vivre notre matière, donc de voir vivre le bois. Tout bouge et tout est vibration en nous, tout comme en vous. Vous ne voyez cependant de nous qu’une forme immobile, pratiquement statique. Notre vie n’est pas éternelle, mais nous pouvons vivre des centaines d’années.

Nous aussi nous souffrons  ! Nous souffrons à cause des hommes, nous souffrons en raison des cataclysmes, mais nous ne souffrons pas comme les hommes puisque nous n’avons pas d’émotionnel ; nous souffrons vibratoirement.

Alors, que tous les règnes s’unissent ! Le règne minéral, le règne végétal dont je fais partie, le petit peuple qui a communiqué avec vous, le règne animal et les hommes font partie de la planète Terre ! Vous faites partie de ce que nous sommes tout comme nous faisons partie – d’une certaine manière – de ce que vous êtes. Rien ne sépare la vie ; la vie est une ! Il faut que vous compreniez cela !

Lorsque vous faites du mal à un règne, vous le faites à vous-mêmes ! Vous ne l’avez pas compris, mais vous le comprendrez à vous dépens !

Je n’ai plus rien à dire, mais sii vous le désirez vous pouvez me poser des questions”.

Combien de siècles cet arbre a-t-il  ?

Il me dit :

“Je ne calcule pas en siècles, je calcule davantage en cycles de vie ! Pour le règne végétal les siècles ne signifient rien. Votre temps et le nôtre ne sont absolument pas les mêmes. Certains arbres sont millénaires ! En ce qui me concerne, j’ai largement trois cents ans !”

Un arbre peut-il jouer avec ses branches, les faire bouger, ou est-il statique ?

“Vous seriez très étonnés, si vous pouviez changer de fréquence vibratoire, de voir combien je bouge ! Tout bouge en moi : mes branches bougent, mes feuilles aussi, vous le voyez ! Cependant tout ce qui vous paraît immobile bouge en permanence parce que, tout comme vous, avant d’être matière nous sommes énergie.

Nous aimons beaucoup lorsque le vent nous caresse ; nous n’aimons pas lorsque le vent est trop puissant parce qu’il nous blesse, mais nous aimons ses caresses, et d’une certaine manière nous “jouons” avec lui”.

Est-ce que la mousse dérange les arbres  ?

“La mousse nous empêche de respirer ! Elle vient du manque d’harmonie de la vie actuelle. La mousse a toujours plus ou moins existé, mais les anciens nous n’enlevaient, car ils savaient qu’elle nous gêne. Imaginez que quelque chose pousse sur votre peau ! Cela vous gênerait et l’empêcherait de respirer ! Quand il y a trop de mousse ou de lierre sur nos troncs, ils nous étouffent et nous mourons”.

Nous serrer contre un arbre est-il important ?

“Il serait bien de serrer sur votre coeur un arbre que vous aimez. Si vous avancez près de lui  ou si vous vous adossez à lui vous ressentez une vibration est différente; vous recevez et offrez des choses différentes si votre coeur est contre lui car les effets sont également différents.

Souvent les humains préfèrent s’adosser à un arbre, mais de cette façon ils lui mointrent le côté fermé d’eux-mêmes. Derrière, ils n’ont pas de visage, c’est leur côté fermé. Il est donc plus porteur pour eux et pour nous qu’ils lui présentent le côté ouvert d’eux-mêmes, celui de la parole, de la vue, du cœur et des mains.

À une certaines époque, j’avais mal au dos et je suis allée me mettre contre des arbres ; j’ai vraiment eu la sensation qu’ils m’ont redonné de l’énergie pour me tenir droite.

Vous pouvez faire les deux. Quand vous rencontrez un être humain, vous ne lui tournez pas le dos, vous le regardez en face ; avec un arbre, c’est pareil ! Si vous allez vers lui et que vous lui tournez le dos, vous ne recevez pas la même chose. Par contre, si vous voulez de l’aide, vous pouvez mettre votre dos contre l’arbre et lui demander de l’aide.

Vous seriez drôles, vous humains, si vous vous parliez dos à dos ! C’est une image qu’il faut que vous compreniez : vous avez des faces avant et arrière, et vous fonctionnez avec la face avant de vous-même et non avec la face arrière. Tous les arbres, comme moi, préfèrnt la face avant que l’arrière !

J’aide et je rayonne sur tous les arbres qui m’entourent. J’ai beaucoup d’importance pour eux, et le jour où je quitterai la Terre dans ma forme, il y aura un grand vide pour eux  ; la vibration cosmo-tellurique existera toujours, mais ce qui émane de moi et qui va très loin ne sera plus perçu de la même façon. Je suis la Vie, je suis la Force et, à ma façon, je suis aussi l’Amour !

Les personnes qui habitent loin ne peuvent pas venir ici. Si elles se connectent à distance à cet arbre, reçoivent-elles la même énergie de sérénité et de calme ?

Vous, êtres humains, n’avez pas encore compris toutes les capacités qui sont les vôtres au niveau de la projection de pensée. La pensée a une grande importance pour vous ! Vous pouvez projeter une partie de vous-même, donc une partie de votre conscience, vers un lieu.; vous le faites d’ailleurs en permanence sans vous en rendre compte ! Lorsque vous projetez vos pensées sur des lieux où vous avez vécu de belles choses, ces pensées vous y amènent, donc vous faites automatiquement une petite projection de conscience. Cette projection de conscience est portée par vos pensées.

Alors, bien évidemment, si vous pensez à venir vers moi, une partie de vous-même vient vraiment vers moi ! Cependant vous n’en avez pas conscience mais, encore une fois, vous avez d’immenses capacités que vous n’utilisez pas !

Vous dites que je suis figé, que je ne bouge pas, mais vous êtes encore plus figés que moi, même si vous bougez ! J’utilise toutes mes capacités alors que vous n’utilisez qu’une infime partie des vôtres ! Vous n’êtes pas immobiles, vous êtes mouvants ; moi je suis immobile et j’utilise tout ce que je suis ! C’est la différence entre vous et moi”.

Est-ce que l’arbre peut expliquer l’aide qu’il apporte à tous ceux qui sont aux alentours puisqu’il dit qu’il peut communiquer avec des arbres très éloignés. Pouvons-nous un peu mieux comprendre cette aide ?

Il me dit :

“Les êtres humains ne fonctionnent pas du tout comme nous ; ils ont cependant la même capacité de télépathie qu’ils n’utilisent pas, c’est-à-dire qu’ils pourraient communiquer télépathiquement avec leurs frères à l’autre bout du monde.

Notre capacité de télépathie est différente de la vôtre parce que nous n’avons ni sentiment, ni émotionnel, ni aucune notion de pouvoir ou de facultés particulières. Cela fait partie de nous et nous l’avons développé. Il nous est donc très facile d’émettre une vibration ou un son qui peuvent être perçus à l’autre bout du monde. C’est aussi pour cela que nous pouvons souffrir lorsque beaucoup d’arbres sont brûlés. Nous ressentons leur souffrance et celle de toute la végétation qui meurt.

Rien ne nous empêche de communiquer avec l’autre bout du monde, c’est simplement ce que nous sommes qui nous permet de le faire.

Bien sûr, les arbres-maîtres, les grands arbres, ont une plus grande possibilité. Par rapport au règne végétal, considérez-nous comme des sages, comme des êtres qui, avec le temps, ont intégré beaucoup de choses, mais intégré vibratoirement et dans une conscience totalement autre, une conscience collective, donc totalement différente de celle des êtres humains.

Dans la nature, je suis en quelque sorte un grand sage qui aide tous les arbres qui se trouvent aux alentours ; je les protège également. Cela ne se limite pas au lieu où je suis, cela peut aller beaucoup plus loin. Je communique et les autres arbres communiquent très souvent avec tous les arbres-maîtres, où qu’ils se trouvent, parce que nous nous associons de plus en plus pour envoyer des vibrations, des énergies de paix et d’Amour sur tous nos frères les arbres qui meurent dans des incendies ou dans toutes les catastrophes que vit la Terre actuellement.

Nous avons beaucoup de compassion et de respect pour l’homme lorsqu’il nous détruit. Nous offrons aussi beaucoup aux hommes. Lorsqu’ils abattent un arbre, bien sûr cela est triste, mais lorsque cet arbre est reconverti en meuble magnifique, cet arbre continue à vivre.

Bien sûr, lorsque vous brûlez du bois pour vous chauffer, ce n’est pas la même chose, mais nous comprenons vos limitations humaines. Si nous étions comme vous, peut-être nous révolterions-nous beaucoup plus ! Nous avons des capacités redoutables dont je ne parlerai pas, mais nous pouvons agir beaucoup plus que vous ne le pensez !

Dans le temps, les bûcherons avaient beaucoup de respect : lorsqu’ils abattaient un arbre, ils priaient et lui demandaient pardon parce qu’ils savaient qu’ils en avaient besoin, soit pour bâtir leur maison, soit pour se chauffer.

J’ouvre une parenthèse : les hommes ont besoin de se chauffer et le règne végétal peut le comprendre. Mais pourquoi ne pas choisir des arbres qui ont fini leur cycle de vie ? Pourquoi choisir des arbres qui sont en pleine puissance, en pleine forme, en pleine jeunesse ? Dans les forêts, il y a énormément d’arbres morts ou qui tombent pendant les intempéries !

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir servir les humains, mais pourquoi toujours abattre et détruire les forêts ? Vous êtes inconséquents, vous êtes dans l’ignorance !

Vous connaissez de nous tout ce que nous pouvons vous apporter au niveau de la purification de l’air, de l’oxygène qui émane de nous, du gaz carbonique que nous absorbons, mais vous n’avez pas encore compris que nous sommes aussi des guérisseurs,  et que les arbres, comme les plantes, ont la capacité de guérir certains problèmes par leurs vibrations.

Les arbres et les plantes peuvent servir à l’homme. Non seulement vous l’ignorez ou voulez l’ignorer, mais vous ne pensez souvent qu’à vous ! Réfléchissez à tout cela !”

Il me dit encore :

“J’aimerais vous faire comprendre que notre mode de fonctionnement n’est pas du tout le même que celui des êtres humains. Chaque règne a son propre mode de fonctionnement, mais tous les règnes ont besoin les uns des autres !

Le monde minéral a besoin de ce que nous sommes car nos racines nourrissent le monde minéral de leurs vibrations. Nous avons besoin du règne minéral ; par exemple il est important qu’il y ait des pierres dans nos racines, cela nous permet également plus à l’aise et de respirer.

Donc le monde minéral a de l’importance pour nous, tout comme pour vous. Le monde minéral peut aussi vous soigner par la fréquence vibratoire qui émane de lui.

Tous les règnes sont utiles les uns aux autres ; il n’y a que les humains qui l’ignorent  ! Dans le nouveau cycle de vie que vous commencez, même si vous ne vous en rendez pas compte, il y aura une unité parfaite entre les divers règnes, il y aura l’harmonie !

L’harmonie a été rompue lorsque l’homme n’a plus respecté son environnement et n’a plus compris que tout ce qui l’entourait était vivant. Cette harmonie reviendra parce que l’homme s’éveillera !”



Two manners to stop deserts inflation : near oceans and in mountains, with terraces, bordered of embankments covered of trees a lot !                                                         With this kind of forests in slope or green pyramids, it is possible to manage in SEA SIDE (and inside countries with RANGE of PYRAMIDS of  date palms) : FREE AIRPLANE TRANSPORTS by glider, fly wing, parachute, with convection of air ascension ! The date palms pyramids growing up by steps as the sand deposed in center of them.  The other transports by little sail boat should be used on narrow canals between pyramids valleys… No petrol at all !


New type of soft and clean transport modes by air and canal (or river) without energy more, only the wind existing or auto-produced by pyramids (very STRONG on midday of summer…, as i discovered it very astonish, in Morocco during the 7 th, in altitude with courses of driving a light plane on a forest in little slope).

On the blog http://safeearthsolutions.wordpress.com (subtitle in french) is given simple solution to produce clean hydro-electricity with basins of 12 m diam. disposed along the rivers and drived by current of rivers. They may be used in this solution to give electricity to lot of fans pushing the boats when wind is missing (or not enough) !

Like around mouth of river “oued Draâ” in Africa, it is possible to build Green-air-water-desert-“roads” through deserts, without any help of petrol, gas or asphalt road…! LET US CHANGE ! And not only in USA ! Where they cry :”Time is money !”…, but only a limit relative to an obsolete model, when petrol disappear…, with those so fast lives give the worst to our durable health…, as to ours children, and the Planet !”

NO “NEWS” RESEARCH to “wait”, to hope with hard, dirty and expensive “science” (as in France… very long & expensive they “sell” it…), but to occupy the land, feeling it and change it… of bad lives in “pretty” town, always in sitting, out of real FULL effects ! THE CLEAN ENERGIZE INDEPENDENCE IS NOT SO FAR from US…The plenty answer, to recuperate current of rivers everywhere, with manners soft and durable is on http://safeearthsolutions.wordpress.com (click the subtitle in french)



No ” Universal rule” at all put “obligation” to got OVERPOPULATION… IN TOWNS, as describe on : http://www.urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/paper-72-government-neighboring-planet http://www.urantia.org/fr/le-livre-d-urantia/fascicule-72-le-gouvernement-sur-une-planete-voisine (in french, the same in english on the web site)  . So on this world, they have wise manners to manage their continent  ! Not so stupid as “US” in our planet thinking to be “at the top” with crazy arms… and fights, then this other world (nearly the same) decrease her police forces  !

And where they have to know to teach other “late” countries with students coming on their soil, formed and going back overseas to share theirs new know-how at home…, not to stay in the “advanced” country as slaved over workers…! Because, each part of a world is different (as his varied nature) and must stay it a lot  !

First of them rules is to keep families in nature on 1/2 hectare (1.25 acre, as 75m x 75m of soils). If not, no marriage and family is allowed and possible… And the towns must not growing more than 1 billion of inhabitant !!!

Government is very wisely organised and managed too, without vote “holdall”… !

Yes, on Earth, we HAVE REALLY TO CHANGE !




Climate change to deplete some US water basins used for irrigation

http://www.eurekalert.org – July 2017

By 2050, the Southwest will produce significantly less cotton and forage, researchers report

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A new study by MIT climate scientists, economists, and agriculture experts finds that certain hotspots in the country will experience severe reductions in crop yields by 2050, due to climate change’s impact on irrigation.

The most adversely affected region, according to the researchers, will be the Southwest. Already a water-stressed part of the country, this region is projected to experience reduced precipitation by midcentury. Less rainfall to the area will mean reduced runoff into water basins that feed irrigated fields.

Production of cotton, the primary irrigated crop in the Southwest and in southern Arizona in particular, will drop to less than 10 percent of the crop yield under optimal irrigation conditions, the study projects. Similarly, maize grown in Utah, now only yielding 40 percent of the optimal expected yield, will decrease to 10 percent with further climate-driven water deficits.

In the Northwest, water shortages to the Great Basin region will lead to large reductions in irrigated forage, such as hay, grasses, and other crops grown to feed livestock. In contrast, the researchers predict a decrease in water stress for irrigation in the southern Plains, which will lead to greater yields of irrigated sorghum and soybean.

If efforts are made to reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change, the researchers find that water scarcity and its associated reductions in cotton and forage can be avoided.

“In the Southwest, water availability for irrigation is already a concern,” says first author Elodie Blanc, a research scientist at MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. “If we mitigate, this could prevent added stress associated with climate change and a severe decrease in runoff in the western United States. But it will be even worse in the future if we don’t do anything at all.”

Blanc’s study appears in the journal Earth’s Future, and her co-authors are Erwan Monier, a principal research scientist at MIT; Justin Caron, an assistant professor at HEC Montreal; and Charles Fant, a former MIT postdoc.

“A more integrated world”

While many researchers have investigated the effects of climate change on crop yields, Blanc’s study is one of the first to consider how a changing climate may shape the availability and distribution of water basins on which irrigated crops depend.

“Most modeling studies that look at the impact of climate change on crop yield and the fate of agriculture don’t take into account whether the water available for irrigation will change,” Monier says.

In predicting how climate will affect irrigated crop yields in the future, the researchers also consider factors such as population and economic growth, as well as competing demands for water from various socioeconomic sectors, which are themselves projected to change as the climate warms.

“We try to be as representative of reality as possible,” Blanc says.

To do this, the researchers used a model of 99 major river basins in the country, which they combined with the MIT Integrated Global System Model-Community Atmosphere Model — a set of models that simulates the evolution of economic, demographic, trade, and technological processes. The models also include the greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that result from these processes, and they incorporate all of that information within a global climate model that simulates the physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere, as well as in freshwater and ocean systems.

“We’re looking at a more integrated world, and how all these interactions will drive changes in irrigation,” Monier says.

“Severely accentuated” shortages

The researchers focused their global simulations on the U. S. and modeled the country’s evolving economic activities in different geographic regions to determine the water requirements for five main sectors: thermoelectric cooling; public supply, such as for drinking water and other public utilities; industrial demand; mining; and irrigation.

They then used a crop model to simulate daily water requirements for various crops, driven by the researchers’ modeled projections of precipitation and temperature, and compared these requirements with the amount of water predicted to be available for irrigation in a particular basin through the year 2050.

“The biggest finding is that it really makes a difference in specific regions, whether you take into account how irrigation availability will change in the future and how that will impact yields,” Monier says.

By 2050, the team projects that, under a business-as-usual scenario, in which no action is taken to reduce greenhouse gases, a number of water basins in the U.S. will start experiencing water shortages. Several basins, particularly in the Southwest, will see existing water shortages “severely accentuated,” according to the study.

The researchers note that the basins that will be the most affected generally do not supply the largest areas of irrigated cropland. For example, though climate change will significantly reduce cotton production in the Southwest, the bulk of the country’s cotton production does not occur in this region.

“It may not matter too much for the total crop production of the U.S., but if you’re a farmer in that particular region that’s going to be impacted, that matters to you,” Monier says. “What we want to do is provide useful information that either farmers or land investors can use to look into the future and make decisions on where is the right region to expand irrigated agriculture, and where is it more risky. We also want to make clear that climate mitigation is better for U.S. irrigated agriculture than not doing anything.”

A climate-changing landscape

Under the same business-as-usual scenario, the researchers projected higher yields for irrigated crops such as wheat, soybean, and sorghum. The increased production in these crops is driven by higher precipitation predicted to occur in the central U.S., combined with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide, which reduces a plant’s water requirements.

The researchers predict that crop yields for wheat, soybean, and sorghum should increase even more if mitigation measures are put in place. In addition to a business-as-usual scenario, the team ran its simulations under two mitigation scenarios, previously proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in which efforts are made to mitigate global warming to 2 and 3 degrees Celsius, relative to pre-industrial times.

They found that both mitigation scenarios should increase yields for all crops compared to the business-as-usual scenario, including cotton and forage, and that the more ambitious scenario has the potential to reduce the number of water-stressed basins.

Going forward, the researchers plan to factor into their simulations various ways in which climate change drives adaptation, and how such adaptations in turn shape crop patterns and the agricultural landscape.

“In the real world, if you’re a farmer and year after year you’re losing yield, you might decide, ‘I’m done farming,’ or switch to another crop that doesn’t require as much water, or maybe you move somewhere else,” Monier says. “That’s the next step: How would the agricultural sector adapt?”


This research was supported, in part, by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Additional background

Paper: Is Current Irrigation Sustainable in the United States? An Integrated Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Water Resources and Irrigated Crop Yields

ARCHIVE: Gauging the impact of climate change on U.S. agriculture

ARCHIVE: Watering the world

ARCHIVE: Climate change to worsen drought, diminish corn yields in Africa



Face to my three times of self-cures, a little bit different, the commun denominator was only : to recover CALM, PEACE inside myself (at a spirit level, but cellular too) !

My conclusion is that Universal energies answered best to CALM wishes and attitude, than in chaotic tendency of our losed society (in phobic research to not “move” false with more and more dirty & dangerous energies…).

Excursion, trip (outing, run…) VERY USEFUL with HORSES in autumn 

Please, be useful to HELP nature “DESERTIFIED”, with your horse, the saddlebags full of acorns, to plant trees first at top of dry hills…(the slopes doing the rest…), sowing of coak (cork in south, or green sort). And also, the same for yours pips or pits of fruits eating on your road !

Jacques F. B. Tesseire – TerreVivantepourToujours / EarthAliveforEver

Artistic & intuitive personal Mandala from Flora (channel) :


About TerreVivantepourToujours / EarthAliveforEver

1945 - né à Paris (très malheureux de ne pas assez bouger et d'être loin de La Nature...) (attention, j'ai un jumeau australien (voir la photo), mais on ne se ressemble pas, et heureusement..., car pas de vrais jumeaux, et lui trop "t'HAIES que NIE queues" depuis que là-bas (on fût séparés jeunes, car d'une m'erre franche-chais-aise" et d'un 'père "hausse-draps-rien"..., prêt-ferrant les "camps-gourre-rousses" !§! ). Je ressemble a mère, de qui je tenais le plus, qui s'est remariée avec un in-jet-nieur marre-saille-ai aux chaussures jaunes de 'gang-ss-t'erre'..., ce qui ne fut pas mieux !§!) ___ - sortie de corps vers 5 ans (revenu guéri par compassion pour moi-même...) ; ___ -guérison intentionnelle "miraculeuse" d'une paralysie vers 15 ans (chute sur le dos) ; ___ - illumination intérieure en 1987 (voulant plus de vérités larges, évolutives suite à stress énorme...), baignée de Sagesse immense doublée de guérison (http://www.terrenouvelle.ca/flamme-dillumination/) ; ___ - autre guérison magnétique intestinale en 2003 (sous canicule en France), voulant redresser de l'humus en forêt avec amour pour se rafraîchir et s'apaiser, les mains plongées dans la terre, puis reportées avec succès aux intestins, enfin CALME... ___ - deux lévitations courtes (dont une demandée comme preuve, en retraite en Corrèze, avec une vison de visages de christ sages superposés sur une icone dans la chapelle, me prouvant que la finalité était d'être tous SAGES et PAISIBLES, confiants en nos dires anticipés littéraux sur nos vies actuelles). ___ Cimentier un temps dans les excès de poussière brûlante... ___ - Baroudeur des climats extrêmes et inventeur malgré lui de solutions climatiques et paysagistes durables, qui tiennent la route (dont par une expérience paysagiste de 25 ans de 74 à 99 ) ___ - coopération technique au Maroc, puis chantier de cimenterie (lors d'un séisme en fév. 69, criant " C'est ASSEZ !" le séisme de 7.2 s'arrêta illico (me prouvant que les énergies planétaires nous écoutent..., à nous de les dire mieux qu'ne termes de catastrophes !) ; ___ - design cimentier (au lieu d'avoir refait des cimes entières) ; ___ - know-how scientifique et technique / informatique de process ; ___ - channeling intérieur pour soi à partir de 89, avec guidance découverte fine et précise depuis, même sur les plans scientifiques à tort prétendus rationnels quand athées ! Un petit conseil, demeurerez avec enthousiasme, avec ferveur, dans votre part divine d'Amour Cosmique (lien universel le plus harmonieux), cela le plus souvent possible : http://www.terrenouvelle.ca/la-flamme-damour-cosmique/ JE SUIS CE QUE JE CHOISIS d'ÊTRE...: CELA !
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