8- Energies libres (free energies : no excuse to stay slaves in towns and not to go unhappy in campaign !)

If you WANT REALLY understand the interdimensionals energies (magnetic and quantified ones), you may consider that there is no “impeachment” to save the desert, to go through and manage landscapes correctly.

Free energies are available as Nickolas Tesla and Over old or recent clear researches show it. LET US CHANGE (US-Aaaah first ?)!!!

Stop with  failures of networks or “missing offer”…, with rackets of electricity !
If you want to know how to change of vehicles, for clean ones…, you get  an “angels” beautiful solution with simple wood tanks making centrifuge force eccentric in heart arrangement, with two turbines very efficient, as described succinctly on my other creative blog :
 http://safeearthsolutions.wordpress.com  (subtitle in french).
But…, to earn the MORAL and ETHICAL capacity to use this invention…, more to play soccer’s, you  ought to go in Mauritania first, to help fluently the blue-men to build hills as green pyramids with slopes in steps of terraces bordered of embankments covered of trees (with channel in oasis around) !
So, it will be very easy there, to stop stay fat and afraid in front of your T.V., and to be really useful for the blue Planet, missing of water a lot on continents !
The “NEW” choice is to move again and again as your primates lives in the past (on the Eve’s Gardens), more than with your armour in stupid castles jousts…, few lives later…, repeat it again and… (bad finish) gain.. (as obtained in channeling of St Germain :

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